How to impose restrictions on our children?

How to impose restrictions on our children?

Restrictions are punitive methods that parents frequently resort to when the child is wrong, but they are also used with the sense of refusal of wishes that the child sometimes expresses. Both are part of the disciplining process, but because parents do not always know how to enforce them properly, they do not have the expected effect, and the child continues to repeat the mistakes!

Restriction as a rule or limit of behavior

Imposing rules and restrictions is an important part of the educational and disciplinary process of the young child. Education cannot be done without limits and without the child to understand very well what he is allowed to do and what not, but especially why. Whenever the time comes to impose restrictions on your child's behavior, a monstrous scandal is likely to break out, leaving little ones crying and screaming.

"You are not allowed there", "Do not touch that", "Do not do so" - the small child hears many times a day this "NO" from parents and others. It is frustrating for him to just prevent himself from denials and bans on everything he wants to do. Because they are so categorical and empty of content (explanations), restrictions such as "Do not touch the oven door", "Do not climb on the table or chair" have no effect on his behavior.

Rules and restrictions should always be accompanied by explanations on the meaning of the child. Only in this way, he will not repeat the mistakes. For example, if you explain to him that if he puts the handle on the door of the hot oven it will burn and that the fingers will sting it very hard, because of this you will not be able to play for a period, surely you have more chances to convince him than if just state them, without any further clarification.

Restriction as a form of punishment

Sometimes restrictions come as a result of violating an important rule and are understood to mean banning or withdrawing privileges. There are forms of punishment. Most often, parents resort to restricting play hours, computer or going out, to draw children's attention to the mistakes they make and to stop them from repeating them. But you can not impose restrictions, unless you first tell the rules.

Make sure the little one is aware of the rules you are trying to impose on his education, but also of the penalties associated with their violation. When he violates one, talk to him. Remember that you had a discussion with him about the rule he violated. Ask her if she remembers her and the punishment that was associated with her violation. It is important to make the child aware that what he has done is a mistake and to accept the consequences up front.

The child cannot be punished by restrictions for a rule that he did not know violated. If he is not aware of the respective rule, the child is not guilty of violating it. You know very well that it is dangerous to put a handle on the hot stove, but if he did not get this information in his ears, he is not guilty of trying.

When he does not know why he is being punished, the child becomes confused, and the punishment will not have the expected effect: to cause him to stop repeating the mistake. The most advisable thing is that before you apply restrictions, allow yourself enough time to discuss with the child the rules of the house, behavior, good manners, etc.

Ask him every time if he understands the rules and punishments, if he needs further clarifications, etc. It imposes restrictions on the extent of mistakes. Do not limit access to your computer for a week just because it broke a vase. It is too harsh a restriction and an exaggerated punitive form.

Big bans should be imposed on major mistakes that endanger his safety - for example, he did not listen to you and crossed the street without telling you, walked in the closet with knives and cutlery or other nuisances that could have ended. tragic.

The imposition of rules and restrictions is a complex disciplinary process, for which parents have to prepare very patiently.

How did you do when you imposed restrictions on your child? How did he react? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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