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About faith, hope and love - an interview with Raluca Manea

About faith, hope and love - an interview with Raluca Manea

Raluca Manea is raluca28, moderator on the Forum . It is one of the moms that the Community they are based and whose answers await them. But Raluca Manea is much more than that. Let's talk with her about passions, miracles and the roads we need to go in life and we will feel much richer and stronger at the end of this journey ...

: Hello, Raluca. I'm glad we're finally talking about it. You are one of the moms whose advice The community it is based, you are one of the moms whose answers await them. Going beyond the Forum and Community, beyond raluca28, would you like to tell us who you are?
Raluca Manea: Honor me with these beautiful words. My name is Raluca Manea and I was 28 when I joined the Forum . At that time I had a boy for about 7-8 months and I was looking to become a more informed mom. I am now 31 years old, two beautiful children and many virtual friends that I made during this time.

In 2003 I graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​(English-Latin) in Cluj Napoca, after which I decided to explore my parents' profession, not as a pharmacist, but as a pharmacy assistant. In the last months of the school of pharmacy assistants I was terribly missed by the duke and the adventure, so I enrolled in an inter-denominational and intercultural school, which had the theoretical phase in Amsterdam, and the practical one in Singapore and, in my case. , China.

It was a real experience, I learned many things, but most importantly, I learned that "nowhere is better than home." I returned, shortly after I got married, and if I did not have a spectacular career, I invested more in family life.
: What are the things, the facts that formed you, what experiences have mattered most in your life?
Raluca Manea: I believe that nothing in life is accidental. Every person you know is brought to your life with a good purpose.
The most important meeting of my life was, when I was a teenager, with God. Then I realized that my existence is not meaningless and meaningless, that I have a good purpose on earth. My purpose is to love God and be loved by Him. God is love. He could not be better, the relationships between them (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) are perfect. They couldn't perfect a relationship that was already perfect. But they could do more. So, people created us. The reason for our existence is love. Awareness of God's love for me has drawn my way of life.

Then there were some happenings that, looking at them in retrospect, I see their meaning very well. In 2001 I worked in the United States through a student program, for one summer, as a counselor at a camp for adults with disabilities. I had to sign up for this program and participate in a job fair in Budapest. There were young people from all over Eastern Europe, who were going to look for their camp that summer. And it happened that the Romanians came in last, when the most coveted positions had already been taken.

So I got to work at Camp Jened. It was a hard experience for a 20-year-old girl who had never seen people with severe disabilities until then. What doesn't kill you makes you touch - write on the walls of the cottages in the camp. When the camp ended I had the impression that I survived and I am much stronger. But it was "happy" that my first contact with people with special needs took place in the States, where respect, tolerance and general attitude towards them are much more generous. Also in America, I also met Beth, a staunch pro-life activist, who made me clearly define my attitude to life.

In China I met, working as a volunteer for a short time in a private orphanage, some beautiful children, and them with special needs. I fell in love with two boys with cerebral palsy, John and David. They knew how to enjoy every smile, every song, every warm gesture aimed at them. They embraced life with a gratitude that I was not capable of.

I learned the most important lessons in my life from them. Then I decided in my heart that no man has the right to say about another, that "it should not have existed", that "it would have been better to have been aborted, abandoned, left by the slaves."

A few years after our daughter was born, Ecaterina, aka Cati Capsunica, who has an extra chromosome 13. From caring for people with special needs, I became their friend, and then the mother of one of them. Every step I took in the past made me accept my little girl's diagnosis of peace and gratitude. Nothing is accidental and nothing is left without being for our supreme good.

We are blessed by our struggling, ambitious and powerful little girl. Only 5-10% of children with trisomy 13 get to celebrate their first birthday. One year they are called long-term survivors. How many turned a year on April 26, and is doing very well. We are learning, through it and with it, a new dimension of smile, life, happiness. How many people have made us better and happier and spark a wave of love wherever it goes. Nobody can resist without falling in love with it.

What makes me dream of a new job, that of occupational therapist.
: What do you think is the thing, the role that describes you, defines you best and why?
Raluca Manea: One evening I asked my husband "Who is Raluca?" . "Raluca is ... a mom" he replied. This is the role that defines me ... I was a child and I never wanted anything more than a house full of children. I'm not a perfect mother, but I have a mother's heart.
: How did you learn to be a mother? What exactly has helped and fulfilled you in the role of mother, in this wonderful way that you do?
Raluca Manea: I wish these beautiful words were true. Unfortunately, I am a rather ordinary man, who loses his patience and even more kindness in children (especially in the very energetic boy and always put on the spouses). I do not always have patience and availability for him and I do not consider myself an example. I try to do what's best for me, but I honestly say that I often fail.

In motherhood there is only one road, which goes forward and we end it every day. I repeat the mistakes of my parents, but if I choose a model, someone I would like to look like, that would be Sue Hortin, an American friend who lived in Romania for a few years, and who was an extraordinary model of his wife. , mom, homemaker and homeschooler for me.
: Starting from an article on your blog, would you like to tell me who you think is the secret of balance in a family? How can we successfully fulfill all the roles?
Raluca Manea: When we have too high expectations and demands from the other and too few from ourselves, the imbalance occurs. Selfishness is the most serious disease that attacks the family. If everyone would give more and expect less in return, if each loved unconditionally, if each strived not to make himself happy, but to make him happy next to him, then there would be divorces, and maybe even less depression. It is always happier to give than to receive. And this is a lesson I still strive to learn, and I cannot say that I have learned it yet.
: Raluca, what do you think is a good relationship with our children? What is the recipe?
Raluca Manea: We model the behavior our children learn. And if it were important for them to be civilized, calm, kind, it is even more important to be sincere, whole, authentic. Children are children for a short time. In a very short time they become adults, and by that time their character is already formed, more by the involuntary copying of our character, than by the theory we are trying to teach them. The ideal formula we are looking for is a deep love doubled by an integral character, and a sincerity that creates friendship and intimacy between parents and children.
: What should we necessarily give our children, what should we learn from our parents?
Raluca Manea: Roots and wings. It sounds cliché, but that was the first thing I thought of when I read the question. I would like to plant in Silviu all the values ​​of the family and of Scripture, as my father tried to do in me. This feeling of belonging to something good, valuable and worthy, I would like him to have. And the power to dream, to dare to run after his dreams, to give something beautiful to people through them. That is why all my endeavors to grow and educate him beautifully are hoping that he will use his dreams, talents and abilities for good.

For Cati I do not have the same wishes. I want to give as much meaning and purpose to her life, to dress her in beauty, so that no one can say that this little girl existed for nothing. I already see so many effects of her existence, so many lives transformed, opinions and mindsets changed, that my soul is at peace with her condition. At the same time, I have the feeling that she herself has so much to teach us, and I want to let her learn from her, to cling to me for her joy, her strength and resilience, her gentle and quiet spirit.
: You are the moderator on the Forum in the category Educational activities. You are wonderful, you do extraordinary things, things that have helped us all in the activities we do with our children. To recap now, for those who do not know you, where do your ideas come from, what tools do you use in children's education?
Raluca Manea: Early education has become a passion for me since Silviu was born (and even before he was born, I could say). While he was about 17-18 months old, I discovered some American homeschooling blogs that opened my eyes to this area. I could not imagine that so many activities can be done with a child of no two years, as a "school" be it home and at home, it can start so early and in a fun way for the child.

I have always had a playful spirit and a passion for teaching. It gave me the opportunity to teach (it was said a lot, but I felt that way at the time) mothers how to teach their children through play. The Internet is my main source of information. Also, books about parenting and homeschooling, left over from my friend Sue ... and lately all the friends in the gang of moms passionate about early learning.

Some of them are members of the forum and, like myself, journalize playing with their children on their personal blogs. You can find me at Caiet for my house, Valentina (cvaligabi) at Two girls seamstresses, Coca (teddy bear) at Ursuleti nazdravani, Mihaela at Noi and our house and examples are more.

If you get to know us better you will see what wonderful, intelligent, creative and involved mothers are behind every blog I recommend through my blogroll. We collaborate, draw inspiration from each other or from various online sources and I believe that not only our children have to gain through the beautiful activities we do with them, but also through the friendship that has spread in this way.
: If I were talking about books - I know they are one of your great passions - what book do you think should not be missed by any child and what book should we be missing as mothers?
Raluca Manea: Apart from the Bible that I think should not be missing from any nightstand, I strongly believe in the philosophy of life of Little Prince. Antoine de Saint Exupery's book teaches us a few lessons that I would very much like to share with my children.
: Raluca, because I am convinced that you have many, many plans and because I know that they will be fulfilled, tell me what you dream, what you plan, what did you propose to do in the future?
Raluca Manea: My plans are still in the dream stage - I dream of another child or, why not, more; I dream to specialize in occupational therapy, to be able to effectively help, with deed, not with words, children with special needs; a dream dear to me and that seems more and more distant, is to become, sometime, children's book writer. More than anything, I dream to help as many children as possible… to dream.

Raluca Manea wrote a very beautiful poem for children and not only, which is also published on the site : Rontonel, the library mouse

I once liked a quote by Rose Tremain: "He was a day dreamer. A day-and-night dreamer. If you dream like he did, you have to get out and try things and take consequences."
: Thank you! I would like to end with a poem that I found on your blog and which I think also fits you and Catherine. Each one in its own way:

"Some people talk and talk and never say a thing.
Some people look at you and birds start to sing.
Some people laugh and laugh and yet you want to cry.
Some people touch your hand and music fills the sky. "
(Charlotte Zolotow)

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