The 9-month campaign with zero alcohol increased the level of information about the risks of alcohol consumption during pregnancy

The 9-month campaign with zero alcohol increased the level of information about the risks of alcohol consumption during pregnancy

Am I allowed to consume a small amount of alcohol during pregnancy? It is a question that often arises when the future mother finds out that she is pregnant. In this context, Ursus Breweries, in partnership with the Association for Mothers for Mothers, ends the pilot edition of the campaign "9 months with 0 alcohol", an initiative launched last year and developed as part of one of the company's sustainable development commitments, to promote responsible alcohol consumption.

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy is associated with a number of risks, which can occur both to the mother (miscarriage, premature or delayed birth), as well as in the fetus (Spectrum of Fetal Alcohol Disorders and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome).

"Most of the time the attention required for such an important subject is not paid. Future parents still have the wrong perception that a small amount of alcohol consumed by the mother during pregnancy does not harm the health of the future baby. Ursus Breweries, via www.desprealcool .ro, constantly promotes responsible alcohol consumption, as part of its sustainable development strategy, Prosper. "9 months with 0 alcohol" is the first campaign developed by a Romanian beer producer that informs consumers about the risks of alcohol consumption during We are proud that we have sent, through this pioneering initiative, a direct message to our future parents, "he says Robert Uzuna, Corporate Affairs Director, Ursus Breweries.

At the beginning of the campaign, according to the first sociological research conducted by Ursus Breweries through Cult Market Research, over a quarter of the respondents considered that a small amount of alcohol, occasionally consumed during pregnancy, does not harm the mother or the child. The research was carried out in Buzau county, one of the communities in which the company is present through a production unit. At the end of the campaign, 74% of the persons surveyed ** found the message "Do not consume alcohol during pregnancy!".

Thus, the information campaign implemented in the form of a pilot program which also involved a series of seminars in Ramnicu Sarat, Gheraseni, Pogoanele and Nehoiu, from Buzau county, brought important results such as **:

  • An increase from 13% to 28% of the awareness of the target group regarding the existence of possible disorders that can occur in children due to the consumption of alcohol by mothers during pregnancy.
  • 83% of the respondents from Buzau county now believe that this campaign will force future mothers to adopt responsible behavior regarding alcohol consumption during pregnancy.
  • 97% of the respondents consider this initiative to be important and should be continued.

Ana Maita, president of the Mothers for Mothers Association and how many doctors from each locality were present during these seminars. Informative meetings were a relevant framework for discussions about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and, in particular, about the risks associated with alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

The "9 months with 0 alcohol" campaign was a premiere in Romania and needed such information. We already knew that, unfortunately, many mothers, regardless of environment, level of education or income, receive conflicting information regarding with what is good and not good to do during pregnancy Recent studies show that genetic factors account for 20%, 80% representing epigenetic factors - choices that the mother makes regarding nutrition during pregnancy , birth, breastfeeding, nutrition of the child etc. Thus, it is necessary to understand that it is good not to risk the health of our child by consuming any quantity of alcohol, even moderate. From here, the message of the campaign: 9 months with 0 alcohol, "said Ana Maita, president of the Mothers Association for Mothers.

Dana Rogoz, the campaign ambassador and one of the responsible mothers in Romania, supported the information campaign throughout the implementation. Together with Ana Maita and the doctor from each locality, she discussed with the future parents about the importance of choosing not to consume alcohol during pregnancy.

"I was very pleased to be the ambassador of this campaign, which does not end here, because her message will go on through all the women I met in the caravan, whom I spoke to on the blog or on the desco-alcohol platform. ro. There are women who have looked at me in the eyes and told me that finding out from us about the effects that alcohol can have during pregnancy, they will not risk and choose # 9cu0. Then I felt really happy with all the effort and teamwork behind this campaign, "he says Dana Rogoz, ambassador of the campaign "9 months with 0 alcohol".

The information campaign had national coverage, by distributing over 200,000 information leaflets throughout the country, starting with July 2015, the National Information Month on the Effects of Alcohol Consumption, with an emphasis on alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

More information on the Spectrum of Fetal Alcohol Disorders is also available in the Pregnancy Zero Alcohol information material, available online here: //