Small chefs, at the forefront of Food Revolution Romania

Small chefs, at the forefront of Food Revolution Romania

The cooking and story workshop SMALL BUCATARI from August 18 is the first event organized by Artelier D, Projects for children in partnership with the Bastilia Library and the fruity restaurant, together with Curtea Veche Publishing House, within the FOOD REVOLUTION ROMANIA project, which is part of the FOOR REVOLUTION network DAY, initiated by Jamie Oliver in May 2012.

In Romania, the healthy eating revolution has children at the forefront, they are destined for the first workshops, mainly for the little ones, 3-5 years, an age group that benefits in Romania, the smallest number of cultural activities and dedicated creatives. But this age group is a priority in our project, because at this age the children first meet with food, now the first more complex culinary experiences take place, which will prove essential in life, regarding tastes, preferences, ingredients, style of eating.

As we know, what we learn in childhood we keep with us or influence our whole life, and the taste is educated in childhood, along with the good habits related to the way of life, the preparation of the food, the culinary experiences in the kitchen.

to first workshop, the ingredients - berries, yogurt and honey - have a strong, symbolic connection with the first childhood, because during this period, these three ingredients are among the foods specially recommended for vitamins and minerals. But the same ingredients come back throughout our lives, in simpler or more complicated recipes, but always as healthy, because these 3 types of ingredients represent essentially, healthy food, based on natural foods. Objective that is at the center of the FOOD REVOLUTION ROMANIA project, inspired by Jamie Oliver's campaign and projects, but also supported by our experiences, of all those involved in the project, culinary experiences marked by childhood memories, around the home table.

SMALL KITCHEN WORKSHOPS they are not only workshops for cooking and cooking experiments, but also storytelling. Always with us will be the stories, as otherwise, in January 2012, Artelier D, Projects for children, with a story workshop, named as such: CUFARUL WITH STORIES. On August 18, at the first workshop, we will say (we, Daniela Miscov and Andra Carbunaru) a version adapted for the little ones, of Remy's story from the cartoon Ratatouille, the cook's rat that gets famous in Paris, in the homeland of gastronomy.

Ratatouille it is a symbolic story, specially chosen, about the education of taste, about the poetry of the kitchen, the preparation of food, about passion, enthusiasm, perseverance and the joy of eating something tasty. It is also the story of a talent. Because Remy's rat is unique, it has something special. It has a gift: its taste and smell are extraordinary, so it tastes and smells all day long. And most of all he likes to watch the cooking show on TV where only this is talked about, good smells and tastes ... tasty. And where a talented master chef has a memorable slogan: Anyone can cook.

Message that is also found in our mission, we want to show that the kitchen is an open space, where anyone can come in and prepare tasty foods, because tasty does not have a definition, as there is not a single recipe for salad, soup, cake or ... yogurt with berries. There are as many recipes as there are practitioners of the art of cooking. And children are just as prepared, eager, creative, inspired as anyone, maybe even more than adults, because they like to experiment, play, feel totally, without a hurry, with all being - what it is a chance to get a very good recipe.

Each month, we will organize, at the Bastilia Library, a cooking and storytelling workshop, starting from healthy ingredients and beautiful stories, dedicated to children 3-5 years old. From October we will add a workshop LARGER BATTERIES, for children aged 6-10, with the same profile, cooking and storytelling, combining cuisine with reading and culture, so we will combine culinary and cultural education. Because every time we will learn something about the ingredients of preparation, what benefits they bring to the body, what substances they contain, what they are good for and why they eat them.

Registrations can be done at [email protected], [email protected] or tel. 0756 158 764/0724 554 199.

News and details will be posted constantly on the Facebook pages Artelier D Children's Projects, Facebook FoodRevolutionRomania,, along with the entire calendar of the workshops - accessible even now.

The calendar for workshops for children from 6 to 10 years old will be posted in the following days, after the completion of the themes. For this age group, the first workshop will take place on October 13, at 5 pm, and will have the theme of fruits.

The price is the same for any of the workshops: 35 lei / 1 child + 1 parent.

Daniela Miscov

Food Revolution Romania Ambassador