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The first iPad application in Romania that teaches children and parents to draw

The first iPad application in Romania that teaches children and parents to draw

Children's book publishing house Lucia Muntean books launched the first interactive iPad book in the App Store, which teaches children how to draw little ones and big ones, alike. "Guess" is a collection of 12 poems, which describe, in simple and easy steps to reproduce, the method of making nice drawings, representing characters from the animal world.

The application is a reinterpretation of the bestseller of the publishing house, "Guess, guess, guess, what will I draw here?", Addressed to children between the ages of 3 and 7 years. Originally designed to teach children first-hand writing through drawing, the book enjoyed great success among parents, who bought it to teach themselves how to draw.

"Switching to the iPad application format came as a natural step in the evolution of the concept that underpinned the book Guess, guess, guess, what will I draw here? The degree of interactivity and the ingenious method of learning are the strengths of the book. we wanted to consolidate them in the Ghici application, taking advantage of the technical characteristics of the iPad, an increasingly popular device among young parents, and also because our publishing house receives orders from all over the world, with the first interactive book that we launch in the Apple App Store, we want to bring Lucia Muntean Books closer to our readers everywhere, "said Mihai Muntean, publisher of the publisher.

"Guess" can be used in three ways, thus giving users three distinct experiences, with a different degree of interactivity:

1. "See how it draws" - the author reads the children's poems and, in each verse, the application shows them on the drawing board the graphic symbol to be drawn in the respective step.

2. "Learn to draw" - The author reads the children the first verse and waits for them to practice on the drawing board the respective step, then proceeds to the next verse.

3. "Draw alone" - after they have identified and practiced the elements that make up a drawing, the children try to make the drawing by themselves, on the drawing board, following the model offered by the application.

"Guess" is the first iPad application, in Romanian, for children, which encourages the interaction between the little ones, their parents and their friends on Facebook. The technology used to build the application allows parents to create, on Facebook, their own exhibition of drawings and share them with friends.

The application is available in the App Store at the price of € 1.59.

Lucia Muntean books are a Romanian publishing project launched to support home education. Based on poems, stories and educational games, they offer parents and children pretexts at their fingertips to live together an hour of childhood every day. Lucia Muntean writes literature for children over 30 years. Her activity in the field of pre-school education was recognized by the Ministry of Education and Research by granting the distinction "Gheorghe Lazar" class I. Lucia Muntean books are available online at, in the libraries Elefant, Librarium, Carturesti, Humanitas, Okian, in Carrefour and Kaufland hypermarkets.