The baby in Aries sign

The baby in Aries sign

Governing planet - Mars

Lucky stone - Aquamarine

Flower - Margarita

Color - Bright red

(March 21-April 20)

Get ready for the journey of your life - the soul that will fill your house is a continuous source of energy and talent. The keyword is active. Even the fearless trait is not bad, so be careful with the high places in the house. You have every chance to be climbed by the little one so that he can jump from there.

The innate confidence and natural abilities to lead can lead the child on the road to success in many areas. It requires discipline, but not so firm as to restrain its features.

Aries baby is very active and always moving. He likes activities that involve energy consumption. He has to do a series of activities without the help of the mother, even if it is about eating alone or giving the wheel of the table. You should encourage this behavior as it will greatly help in the growth and development of your Aries baby.

An inborn leader

If your boy or girl was born prematurely, that should not surprise you at all: Aries children will always be ahead of the others. With the well-known lip question: "Am I here?" they are eager to start any activity.

Aries children have a passionate, creative and restless nature. It leaves you feeling that they have more energy than other children and a vitality that can only be compared to the natural courage they have. Their attitude of "I first" can be a challenge for anyone who has to deal with his egocentrism and optimism.

Become legendary for their direct honesty, Aries kids will tell you exactly what they see and think. They can go beyond the limits because they are impulsive and tend not to make sure before making a decision.

As a parent of an Aries child, you are certainly no stranger to anger and anger. Indeed, Aries children find it difficult to control their emotions, but there is also a positive side to them: they will not wear it. As soon as the conflict faded, their anger faded.

Since Aries children are capable of initiating big projects, but they are not as skilled in completing them, you will have to patiently arm yourself and guide your child on the right path, with kindness but firmly at the same time.

Also make sure that you make enough movement. Any vigorous activity will be a good way to consume energy, and if it is a competitive sport, the better. Make sure you wear protective gear, because, in their haste, Aries children are prone to accidents.

Mom in Aries zodiac

Aries mothers are brave and very protective, there is nothing they would not do to ensure the safety and happiness of their child. The balance and self-confidence help Aries mother to face the challenges. It is also very easy for her to become impatient and easily annoyed, so it is good to act cautiously when Aries mother is upset.

Aries mom tends to be athletic and likes to spend her free time outside, which is a bonus when you have to keep up with an active child. This will be a good role model for children and will inspire them to be active and fit, but they may not always be able to keep up with them.

The good news is that this is a good motivator, so it will have no problem encouraging children to move into new games and activities. Aries mothers also love the adventure, so their daily routine might be a bit of a hassle.

Aries mothers need to remember to keep time for themselves, not just for the children, partner and responsibilities of the house and just have fun.

A good example to follow

As a parent Aries you are a born leader. You have a lot of energy and you are very passionate about what interests you. Your children will see you as a source of inspiration, courage and a good example to follow.

For you and your family, a healthy lifestyle is best suited. Go with the kids on mountain trips, challenge them to a volleyball or football game, but be careful not to get too competitive, especially if your kids are more sensitive. Expressing the energy too aggressively may be too much for them.

On the other hand, you are their biggest supporter and they know that. You will be there and you will support them from the edge regardless of the type of competition they are in.

Children will always appreciate your honesty and your young spirit, which will be maintained even as you get older. Try to show your sentimental side. Show your children that they can also rely on your emotional support, not just your strength, energy and dynamism.

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