7 romantic perfumes

7 romantic perfumes

Romantic perfumes are one of the most powerful weapons of seduction of a woman. Whenever you feel that you are in a bad state or that your charm has set in front of your daily worries and problems, spray a few flavors of perfumes with floral, fruity, slightly spicy notes and enter a romantic state, which takes you on charming realms.

Lancome - Treasure in Love

The romance that surrounds this fragrance is overwhelming. The sensual combination of floral aromas and fruity notes captivates the senses and introduces them to a passionate fairy from which no one escapes. Attract your partner in the sweet trap of love with this perfume treasure.

Marc Jacobs - Oh! Lola

An evening perfume, suitable for romantic dating, which will captivate the senses and attention of any man around you. Hawaiian and raspberry flowers are highlighted by a dash of stunning grapefruit.

Nina Ricci - The air of time

You are flirting and you are ready to lay a romantic trap for your partner! Join Nina Ricci's "L'air du temps", which has an irresistible power over men, thanks to the ingenious mix of carnation, gardenia and jasmine aromas.

Estee Lauder - Beautiful

The "Beautiful" perfume from Estee Lauder offers a special definition of the beauty of the wearer. With an original and sensual mix of notes of tuberose, jasmine, sandalwood and amber, this perfume borrows the most romantic scents of nature.


Chloe is one of the most loved perfumes of romantic and passionate women. Is it to blame the "hallucinatory" cocktail of exquisite flavors - lychee, freesia, magnolia and peony - the one that turns you into an incurable romantic on the spot?

Chanel - Coco perfume

The power and courage of the modern woman can once again be subjected to romance and passion with a daring but seductive perfume - Coco perfumes, from the famous Chanel house. This fragrance, with the strong smell of Bulgarian rose, best matches a red, passionate lipstick and a sexy, black, seductive dress.

Gucci - Envy me

The "Envy me" perfume comes with a clear focus: it may also attract the attention of women around you, not just men. It is a 100% seductive fragrance, which works successfully in romantic dating and guarantees the success of a flirt.

The most romantic aromas and perfume notes

If you want to choose a romantic perfume depending on the scents or ingredients in it, we identify which are the really feminine and sensual notes or aromas, which carry you on the fairy realms of love.

Flowers and fruits are the two key categories that perfumers rely on to play the romantic notes you are looking for in such a product. According to them, the fruits and flowers emphasize the most faithful femininity, romance and passion, being explored in the most unsolicited formulas.

There is no fragrance created from a single flower or fruit. The perfumers combine and accentuate their scents with several key ingredients, leaving the dominant scent to one.

The flowers that are used as top notes in creating romantic perfumes are:

  • gardenias;
  • roses;
  • jasmine;
  • lotus;
  • orchid;
  • ylang-ylang;
  • peony;
  • patchouli.

The fruits that provide the romantic scent needed for an evening perfume and are often used as top notes are:

  • passion fruit;
  • pomegranate;
  • passion fruit;
  • Coconut;
  • raspberries and berries.

These special fragrance combinations are often highlighted by certain spices, which offer the potions and passion they need to attract men into seduction games.

Vanilla and even pepper offer those notes or sensual accents, with a sensual touch, which bring out their aroma.

What is your favorite perfume for the evening? But the one you consider the most romantic? Do you like fruity or floral scents? Tell us your favorite perfumes and suggestions in the comment section below!

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