Outdoor Childhood: Give your little ones a chance to discover the beauty of simple games!

Outdoor Childhood: Give your little ones a chance to discover the beauty of simple games!

The childhood of today's bullies looks completely different than the one we experienced. Play outdoors, with stones, twigs, sand and soft clay, so pleasant and stimulating, it is no longer possible for most children who, limited by the options offered by living in the urban environment, have become accustomed to sophisticated toys made available almost exclusively inside the home.

However, the limitations of life in the city do not have to translate automatically by allocating a reduced time to play outside the house or by avoiding the "trivial" toys of the former childhood.

Return to simple toys: why?

The children of yesteryear, the parents of today, did not enjoy the complex, high performance and sophisticated toys that most of today's little ones have access to. However, as you probably remember, the childhood at that time had its special charm, favored precisely by the overflowing and innocent imagination specific to the first years of life, which allows all the little ones to enjoy the simplest toys and to transform them into magical objects, weaving fairy tales, princes, princesses and kites around them.

Carp dolls, naravasi horses created from the banal queues, but also the pebbles used in complex constructions, the leaves transformed into musical instruments or the twigs that became wizard wands - all penciled in childhood and created unforgettable memories.

Why not give your little ones a chance at these special memories? It starts by encouraging them to play in parks, in spaces specially arranged for the little ones, and continues with country, mountain or sea vacations and frequent trips. Then, transform yourself into the best playmate of your children, introducing them to the magic of simple games - the little ones will embrace the new information and experiences, which will help them to develop their imagination and creativity and to appreciate the beauty of the objects. seemingly banal.

How to protect the health of your child during play

It is right that any outdoor experience exposes you to the attack of germs, which cannot be avoided. And the fear that your little ones might get sick is justified: according to tests carried out by Igienol with a special device, the surfaces outside the house include most bacteria. For example, the slide includes 1004 ATP units (adenosine phosphate, a compound found in all living organisms, including bacteria, viruses, food debris, fungi and molds), and the chain supporting the swings - 3711 ATP units, which suggests a very high degree of contamination, with high risk for the health of children.

To protect the health of your children, the solution is not to deprive them of new experiences, so important for their cognitive development, but to find the right methods of hygiene during play. An excellent option, safe for children especially when they do not have access to soap and water, is that of the Igienol antibacterial gels, with rapid application. They have a discreet scent, dry quickly without leaving a sticky sensation, soften the skin of children because it contains natural aloe vera extract and, importantly, it protects against bacteria for longer.

Igienol antibacterial gels are dermatologically tested, and their efficacy against bacteria is tested by the National Research and Development Institute for Microbiology-Immunology "Cantacuzino" and endorsed by the Ministry of Health.

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