Caravan of Museums at the third edition

Caravan of Museums at the third edition

Located in the third edition, the Caravan of Museums invites children aged 6-10 to get to know Bucharest better. Thus, ten museums and cultural organizations will host, during the summer vacation, cultural-artistic education workshops coordinated by Global Mindscape and conducted in partnership with the museums.

Climb the children in the Caravan of Museums between July 9 - September 12, 2014, from Wednesday until Friday, starting at 10.00 (about two hours).

Through the game and the arts, children will discover, within their meaning, some secrets of museums and artistic techniques inspired by the price objects hosted by them.

Which, of course, they will experience: with brush in hand and white sheet in front, through works in pencil, pastel, tempera, acrylic, modeling or even graffiti. The Caravan of Museums was initiated in 2012, the number of museums initially involved being five.

In 2013 we were pleased to have children with four or even five caravan museums. Here, in the third edition, the number of museums has increased, and the theme is much more diversified.

In July, the workshops run as follows:

Martisor in summer: visiting Arghezi (July 9-11, Tudor Arghezi Memorial House - Martisor)

Vasile Grigore and the secrets of a collection (July 16-18, Vasile Grigore Art Museum - painter and collector)

Fire Poison and the fate of firefighters (July 23-25, National Fire Museum)

Contemporary Art for Children at Anaid Art Gallery (July 30-August 1, Anaid Art Gallery)

A novelty of this edition is the Tudor Arghezi - Martisor Memorial House, where this year's Caravan of Museums debuts.

The theme is the following:

Wednesday, July 9, 10am

About the dog and what the Nazdravans do they all know Zdreanta, "the one with the eyes of the tile", the spoiled dog who learned a lesson. At the workshop we will talk about favorite animals and illustrate their nasdravani in graffiti technique.

Thursday, July 10, 10.00

About flowers, bees and honey

Tudor Arghezi was not only a great poet, but also a great lover of nature and a passionate beekeeper.

We will meet the beekeeper Arghezi, we will talk about bees and honey, and at the workshop we will build bees and colorful flowers. and, of course, we will listen to poems dedicated to them.

Friday, July 11, at 10.00

Let's illustrate poetry

The main ingredient - a surprise poem by Arghezi. We will identify three scenes from poetry, which we will illustrate and thus have our own illustrated book.

Climb the children in the Museum Caravan using the address [email protected] or phone 0724.083.932 (Angelica Iacob)

During the summer vacation I can participate in the workshops of the Museum Caravan and groups organized by children, based on programming.

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